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A new Brand for a new Marketing Company

A newly formed marketing company needed an identity and logo as they got off the ground.

I took on the assignment and lead the small company through some typical discovery exercises to help identify what their brand meant and could look like.

My Role: Creative Director, Brand Designer, Art Director

Soapbox marketing Branding - hero image
Inspiration for the new Brand

Inspiration / Mood Exercise

One exercise that enabled both myself and the client to quickly move through ideation was an inspiration board or mood board exploration.

I gathered examples that fit spaces the client identified as core to their goals and ideals as a new company.

Ideation on the new Soapbox Brand

Logo Ideation

I quickly sketched and generated multitudes of ideas and explorations, eventually reigning in my ideas to smalled subset, seen here.

The brand and name, Soapbox, had some inherent visual collateral that could be used if the right concoction could be created.

I experimented heavily with the literal idea of a soapbox - which orators traditionally stood on to speak to a crowd.

Ideation on the new Soapbox Brand

Additional Logo Ideation

After reviewing the first finalized set of ideas with the client, I jumped back into sketching and ideation just to offer due dilligence in exploration.

The second round became just as fruitful as the first.

Final 2 - Literal Concept


After sketching and rough concepting, I moved into the digital space and began iterating on concepts within Adobe Illustrator.

Here you can also see I began exploring typography as well.

Final 2 - Literal Concept

Final 2 - Literal Concept

This concept leaned more heavily into literal territory, but brought to life a modern feeling logo that felt interesting and hip.

Final 2 - Dimensional Concept

Final 2 - Dimensional Concept

This concept relied more on the dimensionality of a box - combining both that and the wordmark itself resulted in this, ultimately the client's chosen direction.

I also created vertical versions of the logo, accounting for uses in potentially more difficult spaces.

Final Concept

Final Concept and Style Guide

After selecting the final concept, I quickly worked with the client to develop a style guide for handoff, identifying a color palette, typography suggestions and some ideas of UI solutions.

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