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Financial Management Enterprise Solution

This Financial Management client needed a new Enterprise Tool to help aid their Asset Creation and Management and all the Funds Associated.

It was important to create something usable, as the whole company would need to adopt this toolset. It was also vital to capture and recreate all of the intricate functionality and capabilities the client already experienced through their intensive system of spreadsheets they currently used.

As UX Director, I lead requirements gathering with the client, while educating them on opportunities for making the experience more and more usable. I served as UX Researcher, Usability Expert and UX Designer in this project.

My Role: UX Director, UX Design, IA Architect, Art Direction, Usability Expert

Sitemap of the experience

Sitemap / Information Architecture

As I understood their system and digested their ideas, we built User Stories, Personas, documented Requirements and I collaborated with the client in the form of extensive Axure prototypes.

The sitemap in this project evolved as the UX was plotted out through wireframes. Leaning on Axure's built in Sitemap functionality, the IA came to life as Requirements we completed.

Wireframe prototype of the experience

Axure Wireframes as Requirements

A major portion of this system was Creating a Financial Asset. The Setup needed was intensive, including several spreadsheets worth of data. After gleaning the total picture, it was clear a wizard-type of process would make the most sense for organizing that level of data input. Teaming that with a left navigation pattern aided instances where forms became cumbersomely long.

Wireframe prototype of the experience

Wireframes Continued

Here the stepped process can be seen. The entire data entry capture process was plotted out with the client in prototype as requirements. It served as a great communication tool for validating requirements documented and ideas collected.

Click on the image to the left to see a quick wireframing process video.

Wireframes of the experience

Wireframes - Additive / Editing Patterns

Certain sections necessitated additive capabilities / patterns - the User being able to add several of the same type of item. And then of course keeping those items editable.

Wireframe of the experience

Wireframes - After Setup

After setup, the data input was now available for the system to utilize. Keeping the data in somewhat of a similar structure meant that there was already some familiarity with what to expect from the User.

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