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Vans Foods Website Redesign

As the lead on the Vans account, I was tasked with approaching a new design for Vans' Website - bringing it into responsive territory and relying on more current best practices.

The overal vision and tone of Vans was to become more and more approachable, enticing and centering engagement around their delightful and tasty products.

My Role: UX Design, IA Architect, Art Direction, Usability Expert

The previous, non-responsive website

The previous, non-responsive website

The former Vans Foods website was unresponsive and dated in look and feel. As the overall brand looked to reinvent its idenity into something more modern, of course the website needed a facelift in both appearance and usability.

Wireframe prototype of the experience

First Visual Design Concept

Both of my two concepts relied heavily on shots of Vans Foods products, heroizing the delightful food itself. With a color pallete centered around the red of the Vans logo, and the generally brown toned waffles and many other breakfast products, I chose to pull in some bright and lite blues to help brighten the overall look and feel.

This first concept felt fresh and bright. I pulled in some notes of wood grain and kept some remnants of previous styles - sketchy lines and a hand-drawn effect. This helped to keep some of the playfulness of the brand, which was important.

Wireframe prototype of the experience

Alternate Visual Design Concept

For the second concept, I leaned into more textural background noise and variations of colors to create a more comfortable and playful design style.

The overall effect was still warm, inviting and fun. The colors in this concept had the potential to be used for categorical recognition - allowing for certain topics or focuses to be identified by their colors.

Sitemap of the experience

Final Responsive Design

The final approach neared something more familiar for the brand. It encompassed aspects of the second concept in color considerations, but edged slightly more back towards the former design.

Of course, this updated look still included the UX and Usability considerations I originally recommended for the update.

Sitemap of the experience

Final Responsive Design - Mobile

The final design could flex and respond to all device sizes easily. Shifting to a single column for mobile was natural for this design - which was an important missing peice from the current, existing site - especially considering their audience was heavy mobile users.

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